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Although your baby won’t even notice her surroundings at first, creating a comfortable spot for her to grow is part of the joy of planning for parenthood.

  • Choose décor that can be quickly and easily updated as she grows up.
  • Choose a washable paint – there will be lots of dirty marks to clean up over the years!
  • Choose solid furniture with smooth, rounded edges to prevent future accidents.
  • You might want to invest in a baby monitor so that you can hear your baby when she starts to cry – especially if her room is far from yours.
  • You can put a single bed or a comfy chair in the nursery for feeding or sleeping in.
  • A bassinet or Moses basket can be handy for the first few months, but is not necessary as your baby will soon outgrow it. Ensure your bassinet/basket is stable, has no sharp edges, has a snug-fitting mattress and has no ribbons, cords or quilting that could strangle or suffocate your baby.
  • A cot can be used from birth till about 3 years. Ensure that the gaps in the side rails are no bigger than 8cm to prevent your baby’s head getting stuck. The rails should be at least 23 cm above the top of the mattress when lowered, to prevent your child falling out. There should also be a catch on each end of the side rail to prevent her from accidentally lowering the rail. Make sure the cot has a snug-fitting mattress with a ventilated section where her head is.